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Ad format GALLERY

If you are searching for the best ad solution for your business needs, this page includes the list of the ad formats Rev·Amp offers. See them in action and get in touch if you want to know more!

Custom Interstitial

A Rev·Amp exclusive, the custom interstitial is a more adaptable, user-friendly variation of the Google interstitial. 

Available for both desktop and mobile, our custom interstitial ads appear naturally between two pages as a user navigates your site, ensuring excellent viewability rates.


In-image advertising is a type of native ad that’s displayed over static images within your on-page content, typically at the bottom.

They’re less intrusive with a higher viewability rate, with the creative position combatting banner blindness. In-image ads can be in rich media or video formats.

Sticky Leaderboard

Perfect for both mobile and desktop, sticky leaderboard ads will “stick” to the top or bottom of a page while the user scrolls through the content. 

These ads have excellent viewability rates, featuring prominently while the user is on the page. They can be configured to appear on-scroll or on page load.

Notification Bar

The notification bar ad is another native ad placement offered by Rev·Amp, giving you the option to monetize the very top of your page.

These ads fit into the top of your web page, looking natural while offering a clear CTA. The prominent placement makes it a valuable spot for affiliate ads.

Single and Double MPUs (Mid-Page Unit)

Mid-page units (MPUs) are well-known ads that are visually appealing and usually appear on the left or right of a web page.

They’re popular due to their size, fitting perfectly on desktop and mobile screens. They’re typically considered to be one of the best performing ad types available, offering excellent returns when placed correctly.


Leaderboard ads usually sit at the top of a page, above the fold, and it’s the first banner ad to load.

When a user loads a web page, the leaderboard ad is usually the first large advertisement they’ll see. These ads have excellent visibility due to their size and prominent position, without intruding on the content.

Video Ads

Video is a powerful format for ads that can range from a few seconds to a minute long. These ads are typically placed right above or below the content, but they can also be made sticky to scroll along as the user browses the page.

Done correctly, they have great viewability without disrupting the user experience. This ad type is also available as in-banner video.

In-Feed Native Ads

In-feed native ads are extremely popular and widely used. Pioneered by social media platforms, these ads look almost exactly like the surrounding content, blending in seamlessly.

They’re exceptionally well suited for desktop and mobile users and have interaction rates as high as 46%.

Native Content Recommendations

Native content recommendation ads are typically placed at the bottom of a page or article content. They’re designed to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding recommendations in a content discovery widget. They’re inconspicuous but highly effective, looking like a natural part of your website or page.


"Since we started working with the Rev·Amp team, we’ve received feedback, assistance, and access to their amazing knowledge and best practice expertise. They’ve helped us improve our site and ad performance through new and optimized placements. We’re excited to be partnered with a trustworthy expert team who helps us drive success."

Christiana Georgiou
Director of Filehorse

"When we reached out to Rev·Amp, we needed a partner to provide us with a profitable, effective solution. They took the time to evaluate our needs and craft a unique solution to help us reach our goals and get the results we want. We’ve already seen a 400% increase in results, and we’ve not even reached our maximum potential yet.

Better yet, we received the partner we wanted. Rev·Amp has built a solid relationship with us through transparency, excellent communication, and continual support. We couldn’t be happier with our current relationship and look forward to doing great things together."

Guillermo Torrens
CEO and Co-Founder

"The monetization mechanisms brought by REV·AMP are now an important part of our profit margins. As a key partner, they have understood the needs of our company and have offered their best solution. We are satisfied with how business is conducted and we're more than eager for the future."

Alex Serban

"Rev·Amp’s amazing team revolutionized how we think about monetization and helped us achieve our full potential. Their attention to detail and level of service are unmatched, and now we’re reaping the financial rewards of their expert knowledge. We are more than satisfied with the results of this partnership and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Ana Lara Simões
Product Owner of Aptoide App Store

"The onboarding process has been quick and smooth. Our partners at Softonic helped us with the technical issues and gave us very useful tips in regards to ad placement."

Vitaliy Panov
Product Manager

"REV·AMP is one of our most important sources of revenue, playing a key role in our monetisation strategy.

They understand our needs and have been able to create a strong and customised strategy throughout the whole process."

David Sánchez
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