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Searching for the best ad solutions for your business? rev·amp offers a wide variety of solutions to fit each partner's needs.

Take a look at our offerings and get in touch with our team if you would like to know more!
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Custom Interstitial

Available for both desktop and mobile, our interstitial ads appear naturally between two pages as a user navigates your site, ensuring excellent viewability rates.

In addition to the standard Google programmatic offering, rev•amp supports a custom-built solution for greater compatibility. Ask our team for details and we can recommend the right solution for you.


In-image advertising opens a new channel for monetization, allowing you to display user-friendly ads within your image content.

These ads don't disturb your site layout and boast a higher viewability than tradiitional display ads, whilst also helping to combat ad-blindness.

Sticky Leaderboard

Perfect for both mobile and desktop, sticky leaderboard ads will “stick” to the top or bottom of a page while the user navigates your content.

These ads have excellent viewability rates, featuring prominently while the user is on the page. They can be configured to appear on-scroll or on page load.

Notification Bar

"The notification bar ad is a bespoke native ad placement offered by rev•amp, giving you the option to monetize the very top of your page.

These ads fit into the top of your web page, offering a clear CTA. The prominent placement makes it a valuable spot for affiliate and performance advertising."

Traditional Display

In addition to rev•amp's advanced advertising solutions, all of your traditional display needs are covered, from MPUs to Leaderboards and Skyscrapers. Traditional Display is further enhanced.

Video Outstream

Open an additional revenue stream with video outstream, a powerful format which support both your in-house and recommended video content to your readers. These ads perform best when included within your article content, but can also be set to stick to the user's device whilst browsing.

In-Feed Native Ads

In-feed native ads are extremely popular and widely used. Pioneered by social media platforms, these ads look almost exactly like the surrounding content, blending in seamlessly.

They're well suited for both desktop and mobile users, our team can work with you to build bespoke native advertising that meets your needs.

Native Content Recommendations

Native content recommendation ads are typically placed at the bottom of a page or article content. They’re designed to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding recommendations in a content discovery widget. They’re inconspicuous but highly effective, looking like a natural part of your website or page.

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