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Why should I choose rev•amp?
rev•amp offers you significant added value; for instance:

— Premium direct campaigns and direct affiliation deals: go beyond programmatic and take advantage of the Softonic partners portfolio by plugging direct campaigns into programmatic or native ad placements.

— A dedicated Account Manager to help you maximize potential.

— Continuous assistance and optimization based on proven experience and constant innovation from our team.
Why should I outsource Ad Tech services?
There are many reasons why you may want to choose managed instead of in-house Ad Tech services. Mainly, the technical complexity of programmatic advertising today, the time-consuming (and costly) nature of ad tech optimization work, as well as the cutting-edge expertise required to be successful in this industry and ensure your site is optimized for its full revenue potential.
How many revenue streams does rev•amp offer?
rev•amp offers the following revenue lines:

• Indirect Display Advertising
• Indirect/Direct Native Advertising
• Indirect Video Advertising
• Direct Advertising Campaigns
• Affiliate partnerships
• Sponsored Content
How fast can I integrate your monetization solution?
Our solution can be set up in about three working days.
How will I be able to follow my monetization metrics?
We provide you with a dashboard where you can follow the estimated revenue, impressions, CTR and eCPMs for a selected date range or specific dates of your choice.
Can I add your solution via my ad server?
Yes, you can. You can use our solution within your own ad server, such as Google Ad Manager.
Will the rev•amp solution affect my SEO?
No, it won’t. Any improvements to user behavior metrics can indirectly benefit your SEO, but our solution doesn’t directly impact your site's SEO.
How long does it take to see the first results?
After implementing our solution onto your site, it typically takes between two to three weeks, depending on the optimizations needed for stabilization and growth.
How does the onboarding process work?
After the IO is signed, our Tech Team will guide you through the first integration steps and provide you with the assistance needed, while a dedicated Account Manager will assist you in the ramp-up process with troubleshooting and performance insights.

The tech implementation will consist of adding the ads.txt file and our script to your site, and a simple configuration on our side. During the onboarding phase, you will also be provided with a dashboard where you will be able to continuously monitor your monetization performance.
How does Header Bidding work?
We will provide your site with customized header-bidding technology that will lead to the best yield and coverage of your inventory. Our header-bidding solution ensures an optimised yield compared to traditional programmatic ad buying.
How does Sponsored Content work?
If your site offers editorial content to users and interesting opportunities to boost its visibility to advertisers (the right highlighted placements, a minimum amount of pageviews, etc.), you will be eligible to host a Branded Article campaign, which consists of an article sponsored by one of our direct partners.
How can Affiliation benefit my monetization?
We offer you affiliate partnerships that are the result of our 20+ years of experience as a publisher. When you carry affiliate content and/or links on your site, you introduce an additional revenue channel that we will be happy to manage for you.
We are constantly looking for Affiliation opportunities that can match your site's audience. Your dedicated Account Manager will guide you through the integration process to get you started smoothly and quickly.
How do Direct Advertising Campaigns work?
Softonic strategic partnerships in the software and tech fields offer premium direct advertising campaigns to rev•amp publishers.

Let our team of experts explore the best matching opportunities between your site’s audience and Softonic’s direct advertisers. Our dedicated Account Manager will be happy to propose the right campaign and approach according to your site/business needs and objectives, in a way that offers the most value to your audience.
How do I decide on my ad structure strategy?
Our service includes the optimization of your ad layout: we will recommend the best ad layout and ad formats for each one of the page types of your website, based on our vast experience in the display advertising field. We will assist you in the whole definition process to maximize revenue potential.
Can I run video ads without content?
Yes, you can. Although it’s an advantage to have your own video content to increase user engagement, we can provide generic videos (tailored to your audience) on which our video ads can run.
What’s the difference between rev•amp implementing Header Bidding and the publisher managing it directly?
We’re plug and play, so when you implement rev•amp on your site, your header bidding technology is always kept up to date without needing any updates in the code. Additionally, our team is able to adapt your header bidding ad stack to use only the most optimal partners for your site. Every implementation is tailored for a balance of speed and revenue.


Will your ad tag slow down my website?
No, it won’t. While any page added to your tag can slow the page down, we continuously optimize our script in order to minimize its impact. We also offer the ability to load our script asynchronously, so to avoid this issue.
Is your script asynchronous?
Yes, our scripts are asynchronous by default to minimize the impact on your site’s performance.
I have some of your ads.txt partners with different IDs, should I still include your copy?
Yes, it’s important to include all of the entries included in the publisherads.txt file, otherwise this will impact our ability to monetize the site.
I want to lazy load some of my ad slots so they only load when the user scrolls, how can I do this?
To achieve this, simply specify a position of ‘bottom’ within the div id of the ad slot. For example: <div id="td-bottom-mpu-1"></div>
Are you GDPR and CCPA Compliant?
We support IAB-compliant CMPs using the IAB consent framework, allowing us to be GDPR and CCPA compliant.
Is your solution compatible with AMP pages?
Yes, we do offer static AMP tags to enable monetization. However, due to a limitation with the AMP library, we cannot yet offer our full product features for AMP.
Can Header Bidding be tailored to my website?
Yes, within our solution we are able to offer a flexible header bidding configuration, allowing you to work with the best partners for your content.
What are the ad formats you offer through your solution?
Our adstack can be integrated into the main IAB display formats. We also offer personalized solutions –such as the interstitial – and we can create personalized placements for display as well as native.

We're continuously working on innovating and testing new formats.
Can I connect your ad demand into my ad server, without intervening on the page code?
We offer both set-ups, both inside or outside your ad server, however, you always have to add our script into the code to enable our solution to run on your site.
Can you plug your video demand into my own video advertising provider?
Yes, we can. Our team will guide you through the integration process.


What documents and/or information do I need to provide to start the business relationship?
In order to start the business relationship with Softonic International SA, all publishers must provide:

• Complete legal name
• Complete legal address
• Tax ID number

If you are a legally-registered company, you must also provide:

• A document or certificate issued by your Government or Tax Authority that proves your company is legally registered.

If you are a freelancer, instead, you must provide:

• A VAT number validated by VIES (if you are based in the EU).
• A Tax Residency Certificate issued by your Government or Tax Authority during the current year (if you are based outside of the EU).
• A valid certificate of contractors and subcontractors for Softonic International SA and a copy of the 036/037 form previously submitted to the Spanish Tax Agency (if you are based in Spain).
What are your payment terms?
Payment terms are net 30, therefore, we pay the invoiced amount within thirty (30) days from the date of invoicing.
How do you pay publishers?
We pay all of our publishers via bank transfer.
What currencies do you support?
We can report revenue in both EUR and USD. We can pay publishers in either currency.
Do I need to earn a minimum amount to get my payments?
No, you don't.
When should I send the invoice?
You can send the invoice between the 1st and the 20th day of the month after the invoiced period. We shall pay the amount within thirty (30) days from the date of invoicing.

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