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Windows Report: Lightweight, Cutting-Edge Advertising Solution

September 7, 2021

Windows Report is one of the leading websites offering users fresh news, tips, advice, and insights into Windows and its products. Presenting viewers with top-quality content, the website has grown significantly since 2012. Today, it’s one of the most trusted providers of safe, high-quality content with excellent organic SERP ranks and search authority.

The Challenge: Lightweight Ads Providing Excellent User Experiences

Before deciding to work with Rev·Amp, Windows Report decided that they wanted a monetization partner with very specific abilities. The primary challenge was finding an expert monetization platform that offered a lightweight, cutting-edge solution, showing excellent ads without disrupting the user experience.

Windows Report needed it to be customized and easy to implement while guaranteeing high page speeds. Most importantly, it needed to provide access to continual, consistent revenue through partnerships and direct deals.

The Goal: Partnership with a Top Tier Monetization Partner with Technology Expertise

Implementing a lightweight ad solution is rarely easy, and programmatic is known for increasing load times due to its reliance on scripts. Consequently, the Rev·Amp team needed to create a robust solution focused on meeting Windows Report’s unique needs while boosting their revenue.

With the majority of the website’s traffic coming from organic search results, it was critical to develop a way to deliver ads without disrupting SEO or user experience. Additionally, there was a need for tailored in-text native ads reserved for key partnerships and direct deals.

Having identified the challenges and goals, the Rev·Amp team decided to provide Windows Report with an effective, tailored solution that granted the platform access to top-tier partners and affiliations that would deliver excellent results.

The Solution: Easy to Integrate Cutting-Edge Solution

Rev·Amp’s strategy focused on three key targets:

  • Display ads.
  • Affiliation deals.
  • Direct deals with key tech contacts.

By creating a solution focused on these aspects, the Rev·Amp team designed a highly optimized and lightweight ad stack that could meet and exceed Windows Report’s requirements.

The team re-optimized all existing display ad slots, proposing new formats and better placements. Our three main tactics for a quick revenue increase were a full header bidding stack, dynamic floor pricing optimization, and ad refresh.

As part of our collaboration, we also provided Windows Report with access to our most exclusive affiliation and direct deals, allowing them to form key partnerships with tech clients. These direct partnerships grant access to a lucrative revenue stream that allows Windows Report to consistently generate income through:

  • Sponsored posts.
  • Affiliate content.
  • Premium ad space deals.

The Results: Optimized Ads and Exclusive Deals Maximize Profits

Rev·Amp created a tailored solution that would ensure continued and improved revenue generation for Windows Report. Despite seasonality and the effects of the June Google Algorithm update, WR maintained a steady Net RPM throughout the first two quarters of the year.

By connecting the site to our top affiliate partners and setting up direct deals, Rev·Amp helped Windows Report not only maintain but also increase their QoQ revenue. Of that revenue, 60% was from direct deals, affiliations, and branded articles.

Says Windows Report

Alex Serban - COO, Windows Report

“The monetization mechanisms brought by Rev·Amp are now an important part of our profit margins. As a key partner, they have understood the needs of our company and have offered their best solution. We are satisfied with how business is conducted and we’re more than eager for the future.”
is a Strategic Partnership Manager at Softonic. As Strategic Partnership Manager, Maria is responsible for identifying strategic publishers and help them optimize their site for maximum yield as well as being on the constant lookout for opportunities to improve monetization capabilities.
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