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Why a sticky leaderboard is a good choice for your website

November 23, 2021

The standard leaderboard is a very effective and efficient way to generate leads and enhance your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). They can be used as a standalone form of advertising or they can be added to an existing website design. The choice of placement depends on what works best for you.

Here we’ll cover how to get it implemented on your site:

  • A sticky leaderboard.
  • The different options we have with a leaderboard.
  • The purpose of a sticky leaderboard.
  • Leaderboards and website traffic.

As the demand for user-friendly websites increases, let’s see how we can improve your customer experience. 

What is a sticky leaderboard?

To put it simply, a sticky leaderboard is a website advertising tool that generally sits on the top of your screen, and is always visible. A sticky leaderboard is a type of ad unit that doesn’t allow users to skip it. It also “sticks” to the top of the page as the user scrolls down, which means it can easily stand out from a sea of newsfeed content below.

The different options we have with a leaderboard.

Just like its name says, a sticky leaderboard is also known as a sticky header, for example: 

  • It is a kind of banner, which sticks to the side of your game screen and helps users to learn game rules or suggests how to play games better.
  • It means your sticky ads don't go away even when someone scrolls down! Sticky leaderboards are currently trending because it's Google's interpretation of what are the best ads.
  • They are a type of billboard. This type of billboard stays visible when someone is scrolling down the page, which makes it unique in comparison to regular billboards.
  • It is an advertisement for your game app which is displayed above the game. Often it is in the title bar, so even if the user minimizes the game, it is still displaying in their taskbar. The purpose of having these advertisements above the game is to keep them from leaving your app while they are playing it.
  • It is one of the key elements you can use to create click-worthy ads. They appear on every page of your site, but since they are not tied to any specific platform or device, they allow more people to easily find them.
  • It will convert more viewers into subscribers. It does this by getting viewer attention which means that you are more likely to improve your email conversion rate.

Why are we using a sticky leaderboard?

There is one technique that seems to be truly necessary no matter if the niche is fashion, sports, or something else. For most internet marketers, the goal of ads is getting visitors to click on your ad so you can send them on to your landing page where you hope they take action. These actions include installing software, buying a product, signing up for a free trial, etc. A sticky leaderboard can be both creative and effective in engaging visitors to your homepage. Contact us or visit our website for more details.

How can you use it to drive more qualified traffic?

If you're looking for a way to get significantly more traffic to your website without doing any SEO, the trick is to get people to post sticky leaderboards on their pages, then get them to link back to your website using a custom-made tool.

Most advertisers and their agencies still think about in-game advertising in terms of banner and skyscraper ads: big, splashy images amid a plethora of less polished ad units. It’s easy to see why this still happens; after all, most advertisers want to create an “eye-catching” ad, with the intent of selling a product or service that is generally outside the realm of gaming.

Sticky leaderboards are the way of the future. More and more marketers are using them to drive more traffic into their sales funnel whether it be for capturing leads, boosting sales, or engaging current customers. 


Sticky leaderboards are situated in a place where people constantly scan their eyes, when they are surfing through the content, reading the text on the page. They’re a great tool to have in your toolbox.

is the Adtech Product Lead at Softonic. As Adtech Product Lead, Richard is responsible for improving overall revenue and ad performance for all our properties, including Rev·Amp, Softonic’s new publisher monetization platform. Within Rev·Amp Richard oversees development for the Rev·Amp monetization stack, both innovations and the improvement of existing technologies.
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