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Top 3 Reasons Header Bidding Is Better Than AdSense

April 7, 2021

A few years ago, Google AdSense was the first stop for any publisher who wants to monetize their site. While many still use the network, over 76% of publishers now turn to header bidding for their ad solutions1

In this article, we’re going to:

  • Explain what AdSense and header bidding are.
  • Why header bidding is a better option for publishers.
  • The disadvantages of the ad strategy.

Let’s dive right in!

What is AdSense?

If you’re a publisher, you’ve likely come across Google’s AdSense before. It’s typically the first ad network that publishers turn to when they decide to monetize their blogs or websites. However, despite being one of the most well-known and popular networks, it’s not the perfect fit for all sites.

What is Header Bidding?

Header bidding is a programmatic buying technique that works through a large, automated ecosystem. In short, it lets a publisher like you offer your ad inventory to several exchanges simultaneously. It also gives you a lot more control over the process and valuable insights to improve your revenue generation.

AdSense vs. Header Bidding

So, when you’re ready to monetize your website, should you choose AdSense or header bidding? In our experience at Softonic, header bidding has several advantages that make it more attractive to publishers. Here are our top three reasons why it’s a better option than AdSense.

Access to More Networks

By using AdSense, you’re limited to Google’s clients, its rules, and bid limits. With header bidding, you can work through networks that offer access to a wide variety of exchanges and clients. You’ll also have better inventory fulfillment, particularly if you work with several networks or a full-service monetization platform.

Better Revenue Generation

Not only do you have access to more networks, but you also have more control over bid values. Additionally, header bidding networks typically offer better revenue shares and may include services like acceptable ads and ad revenue recovery from blockers.

More Control

As we’ve mentioned, header bidding gives you more control over bid values. However, you also have more control over ad fulfillment and sources. You can optimize and finetune your ads to give preference to creatives that appeal to your visitors. Additionally, you can implement strategies like ad refreshing to get even better results.

Be Aware of the Disadvantages

Although header bidding has several advantages, there are also a few disadvantages that publishers should consider. For example, some SSPs have strict requirements, making it challenging to sign up. You’ll also need to set up the ads and maintain them. However, in our experience at Softonic, the pros still outweigh the cons.


AdSense is still a widely used ad network, but header bidding is fast becoming the top choice for publishers who want to monetize their sites. With more control over your ads and better revenue shares, it’s no surprise that it’s rapidly grown in popularity.

Working with a supportive network or full-service monetization platform can even negate most disadvantages, making header bidding the top choice for small and large publishers alike.


is a digital advertising performance expert and the Director of Rev•Amp at Softonic. As a business unit leader, Fréderic is responsible for the monetization and the success of the Softonic Publisher Network. Within Rev•Amp, Fréderic oversees Product, Business Development, and Account Management functions.
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