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Filehorse: Diversifying And Securing Revenue Streams

December 14, 2021

Filehorse is a popular software review website based in Dubai. The site helps users find and download new software and the latest top-quality web applications. Today, Filehorse is trusted by more than 10 million monthly visitors who rely on the site for top recommendations and downloads.

The Challenge: The Need To Diversify

Before deciding to work with Rev·Amp, Filehorse received a significant portion of their ad revenue through AdSense. However, their AdSense account was temporarily disabled, causing a significant drop in revenue. Now aware that their income is at risk without a diverse portfolio, Filehorse contacted Rev·Amp in the hopes of building a more secure, diversified, and compliant monetization portfolio.

The Goal: A Secure, Alternative Source Of Revenue

AdSense is typically one of the most trusted and popular platforms for web monetization. However, it can be easy to have your account suspended with their strict requirements and compliance rules - as happened with Filehorse’s account. Filehorse charged Rev·Amp with finding a solution to meet the site’s new goals.

Any solution we developed would need to monetize the entire Filehorse site to increase their revenue. Additionally, the site would need to be checked for compliance issues and missed monetization opportunities. The ultimate goal was to secure a solid, uninterruptible income stream for Filehorse.

The Solution: A Diversified and Compliant Monetization Portfolio

Rev·Amp’s solution was devised to deal with critical problems: compliance and site-wide monetization. To avoid any future issues with compliance, the Rev·Amp team checked and reviewed every page of the website, approving each of the compliant programs.

This way, we ensure that ads are only shown on compliant pages, negating the risk of having their AdSense - or other monetization accounts - blacklisted. This part of the solution would be an ongoing task to ensure that future programs remain compliant.

Not only was the proposed solution designed to protect Filehorse from compliance issues, but it was also expertly crafted to open up alternative ways to monetize their traffic safely and effectively.

The Results: Increased Profit From Compliant Traffic And Alternative Future Sources of Revenue

The solution was a resounding success. Now, Rev·Amp continually monitors Filehorse’s pages to ensure they follow compliance guidelines and checks while allowing them to fully monetize the website’s traffic. Additionally, the solution allows Filehorse to generate more income from their compliant traffic.

The Rev·Amp solution allows Filehorse to monetize 100% of compliant traffic; five times more than one of the site’s existing ad services. It also generates almost 67% more revenue; a significant improvement. While the solution has yet to generate the same income as AdSense, its growth and potential for additional diversification mean there are several opportunities to increase their income substantially in the future.

Rev·Amp also supports new projects and technical optimization from a design and ad placement perspective, further boosting the efficacy of Filehorse’s monetization.

Says Filehorse

“Since we started working with the Rev·Amp team, we’ve received feedback, assistance, and access to their amazing knowledge and best practice expertise. They’ve helped us improve our site and ad performance through new and optimized placements. We’re excited to be partnered with a trustworthy expert team who helps us drive success.”

Christiana Georgiou - Director of Filehorse
is a digital advertising performance expert and the Director of Rev•Amp at Softonic. As a business unit leader, Fréderic is responsible for the monetization and the success of the Softonic Publisher Network. Within Rev•Amp, Fréderic oversees Product, Business Development, and Account Management functions.
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