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CoolROM: Sustainable, Future-Proof Revenue Growth

June 15, 2022

CoolROM is one of the largest retro-gaming resources available online. They host downloads for thousands of ROM and ISO games and the latest emulators required to run these titles. Today, CoolROM welcomes over 5.5 million monthly visitors and gamers who rely on the site as a resource for all classic game titles.

The Challenge: Boosting Revenue Without Affecting SEO Or User Experience

Before deciding to work with Rev·Amp, CoolROM primarily depended on Monetizemore for their ad revenue generation. However, they wanted to find a way to increase their revenue in a sustainable, future-proof way that didn’t rely on outdated technology and intrusive solutions. 

Ideally, CoolROM wanted a monetization solution that would increase the quality of their inventory and boost their revenue. However, it was equally important that the new solution wouldn’t negatively affect their SEO or the experience of their users.

The Goal: Increased Sustainable Revenue

Although increased revenue was a key goal for CoolROM, our Rev·Amp team knew that we had to develop a solution that would address all the challenges. Not only would we need to incorporate their existing placements, but we’d also need to ensure that our solution met their SEO and user-experience requirements.

Our goal was to create a simplified, flexible, and lightweight solution that would meet all CoolROM’s needs and exceed their expectations. We identified potential new revenue streams and ways to optimize existing placements to further improve revenue generation.

Having identified the challenges, goals, and requirements, we were able to develop and effective and tailored solution that would deliver excellent results.

The Solution: A New Simplified, Sustainable, And Non-Intrusive Approach

To reach CoolROM’s goals, Rev·Amp’s strategy focused on addressing key targets:

  • Introducing a simplified solution.
  • Using sustainable ad strategies, formats, and targeting.
  • Ensuring that the user experience remained positive.
  • Accelerating ad revenue generation.

By focusing on these key areas, the Rev·Amp team identified our Sticky Leaderboard ad format as the ideal solution for CoolROM. Implementing the tag code required almost no action from CoolROM’s team and they were soon able to display ads from our top tech partner brands. We also identified several other ad formats that could benefit CoolROM while still meeting their key requirements.

The Results: Doubled Daily Revenue And 10% More Net Revenue

Once implemented, the solution turned out to be a great success. With just a few minor tweaks and the introduction of our sticky leaderboard and custom interstitial ad formats, the Rev·Amp team was able to help CoolROM significantly improve their revenue generation without affecting their users and SEO negatively.

Overall, the small adjustments and introduction of a new ad formats through the Rev·Amp solution increased CoolROM’s monthly net revenue by 10%. However, we also showed daily increases of up to 75.43%, from 35 EUR a day to 60 EUR a day.

Says CoolROM:

“Working with RevAmp by Softonic has been nothing short of amazing. Their emphasis on sustainable, long-term revenue growth without jeopardizing user experience is of utmost importance to us. We also value their human approach which allows us to grow our partnership in a tailored way. Without hesitation, we would recommend RevAmp to publishers looking to monetize their traffic, and free up some time to focus on generating quality content.”

Edward, CEO of CoolROM

is a Senior Customer Success Manager at Softonic. Alba is responsible for managing partners and maximizing their advertising opportunities and revenue. She also supports any new initiative and drives revenue growth thanks to analyses and optimizations.
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