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Display Advertising

Ferran GavinJune 16, 2022

Google’s Answer To P3PC: Goodbye FLoC, Hello Topics API

Third-party cookies are going away - advertisers, publishers, and vendors are all aware of that by now. However, the future of ad targeting is still unclear. Although many...
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Alba BringuesJune 15, 2022

IAB Standards Guide: Everything Publishers Need To Know

The advertising industry is growing exponentially. In fact, ad spending is expected to grow by 50% in the next four years, topping $300 billion by 2025 - and...
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Alba BringuesApril 5, 2022

How To Strike A Balance Between Ads And User Experience

As a publisher, you likely have pages that generate more revenue than others. Similarly, your data may also show that some pages have higher bounce rates, i.e., a...
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Frédéric DelgaMarch 17, 2022

How Publishers Can Get The Most Out Of Their Native Ads

For many publishers, native ads have the potential to accelerate their revenue generation without causing them to alienate search engines, users, or advertisers. However, some publishers still make...
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Richard FlowerMarch 15, 2022

Best Banner Ad Sizes To Boost Performance In 2022

Banner ads. They come in various shapes and ad sizes and are a crucial component of display advertising. When publishers monetize their websites, banner ads are typically one...
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Richard FlowerFebruary 28, 2022

Contextual Advertising: The Best Way To Reach Your Target Audience

Contextual targeting: is it just the latest advertising fad, or is it a topic worth exploring? If you’re an advertiser, the answer should be clear: contextual ads are...
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Filipe HemsworthJanuary 7, 2022

Push your eCPMS and RPM with direct partnerships

You can spend smarter with direct partnerships from Rev-Amp, the leader in programmatic marketing. Rev-Amp will help you better leverage your eCPMS and RPM while also setting you...
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Maria ReyOctober 25, 2021

Is Your Website Violating Google AdSense Policy? Here’s What You Can Do

Google AdSense is still one of the first platforms publishers turn to when they decide to monetize their websites. However, AdSense has stringent policies regarding ads and content,...
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Richard FlowerSeptember 27, 2021

Everything Publishers Need to Know About Ads.txt

If you’re a publisher, you’ve likely heard of ads.txt before. As ad fraud becomes more prevalent in the advertising industry, authorities, publishers, advertisers, and networks keep working to...
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