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Boost Your Revenue With Managed Ad Tech Services

April 29, 2021

As the ad industry and programmatic ads continue to evolve, it also keeps becoming more complex. New types of ad formats and delivery methods are continuously appearing, and publishers may feel overwhelmed by the technical skill and time required to manage their ads. Consequently, many typically turn to either in-house or managed ad tech services.

When Should You Use a Managed Ad Tech Solution?

Is a managed ad solution the right fit for you or your site? There are a few things you should consider before you start hunting for a managed services provider.

Current Revenue and Size

Managed ad tech has many benefits but being cheap isn’t one of them. For smaller publishers who earn between $2,000 and $3,000, the cost may just cancel out your increased earnings.

For publishers who earn $5,000 or more, there are clear benefits to using managed ad services. The biggest benefit would be a significant revenue increase. In our experience, publishers can see a 20% – 30% hike in revenue. Of course, that percentage may be impacted by your current setup, ad partners, and niche, but the risk would be one worth taking.

Technical Knowledge

Lack of technical knowledge is one of the biggest reasons why publishers turn to managed ad tech services and providers. Different ad types, networks, exchanges, and formats all have unique capabilities and features. To take advantage of that, you’ll need to have solid, if not in-depth, knowledge of each ad, format, and platform.

For example, Google Ad Manager has several excellent features that are locked or hidden, and publishers may be completely unaware of them. You can’t benefit from something you can’t find or use.

A managed ad tech services provider will likely have the technical knowledge required to optimize your ads, boost your revenue, and unlock features you may not be able to access.

The Hunt for Agent or Agency

Building a good team can be a nightmare, particularly if they need to have specific niche skills. We know because we had to build one of the best ad management and services teams for Rev·Amp!

You’ll need to find experienced professionals and convince them to join your company. You’ll also need to pay their salaries, provide benefits, and account for unforeseen human error. If you use managed ad tech services, those become the provider’s concerns instead.

If you use managed ad tech services, you’ll also get to take advantage of their highly knowledgeable and experienced teams. These professionals will typically have in-depth information about what would work for one industry or site and what won’t for another. They can optimize ads for niches, notice traffic patterns, and analyze vital valuable data.

Exclusive Deals

Are you a good negotiator? Not all publishers are, but that’s not a bad thing. Content creators should be focused on creating excellent, engaging posts, images, and videos. Unfortunately, that means that many sites miss out on a highly rewarding type of ad revenue: exclusive and direct deals.

Managed ad tech service providers often spend years building relationships with advertisers. They negotiate premium deals that help their publishers generate much higher revenue. Rev·Amp, for example, has exclusive deals with some of our tech partners, giving publishers access to ads they won’t otherwise have been able to get.


There’s no denying that many publishers can benefit from using managed ad tech services. Higher revenue generation, access to expert knowledge, and exclusive premium deals are just some of the many benefits. In the end, you need to decide if it’s the right option for your business.

is a Strategic Partnership Manager at Softonic. As Strategic Partnership Manager, Maria is responsible for identifying strategic publishers and help them optimize their site for maximum yield as well as being on the constant lookout for opportunities to improve monetization capabilities.
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