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Why rev·amp Is The Best For Download Websites

Softonic has succeeded with its app and software discovery platform but decided to take it to the next level with the launch of rev·amp. Through rev·amp, we have decided not to keep our success behind the monetization of our sites a secret but instead share our more than 25 years of expertise with the broader publishing world, particularly our experience with download websites and their monetization.

So what do we want to offer publishers here at rev·amp? We are here to amplify revenue from your content and “rev up” your site monetization.

In this article, we are going to

  • Briefly introduce rev·amp.
  • Look at our intent-based solutions for publishers.
  • Explore why rev·amp is suitable for you.

Who Are We?

Being in the publishing industry, we understand publishers' struggle to create great content while trying to earn revenue simultaneously. But after 25 years, we can proudly say: we’ve got this! Here at rev·amp, we have meticulously developed and invested in our advertising technology to maximize our revenue and your ability to earn revenue from your quality content.

As rev·amp continues to grow, we can see a revenue uplift of up to 50% within the first 6 months with our publishing partners and include supplementary revenue lines with tailored deals. And with years of experience comes the privilege of working closely with major players in tool layer optimization, programming, and trading desks.

Being born out of the knowledge garnered over years of Softonic’s success, our team has a deep and irrefutable understanding of how the software download industry works. More importantly, we understand the nuances of the industry and how to monetize it successfully, whether through direct deals and partnerships or through ad networks.

rev·amp Intent-based Solutions for Publishers

Do you have website visitors that download software, videos, or images? As a publisher, whatever you offer your visitors, you can rest assured that our download intent solutions fit flawlessly into any download funnel. You can use our intent-based solutions separately or simultaneously.

These unique solutions establish an interdependent relationship between our advertisers and publishers. Thanks to this rev·amp technology, our publishers can keep their user journey the same while including monetization placement. At the same time, our advertisers enjoy increased ROI from acquired users.

Main Features of Intent-based Solutions

Future-proof, cookieless advertising solutions

Can you reach your audiences without cookies? Google announced that third-party cookies would soon be a thing of the past, and as a publisher, you want to approach user targeting safely. rev·amp features a future-proof cookieless advertising solution that protects revenue regardless of what will happen in the third-party cookie future!

Improve Ad Revenue Without Affecting Ad Density

As a publisher; you will understand how frustrating ad density can be and how essential it is to have effective and visible ads that generate revenue without reducing user experience.  rev·amp intent-based solutions do not affect your page’s ad density, ensuring incremental revenue by grabbing a user’s attention.

Unmatched Performance and Click-Through Rates

With every dollar spent, our solutions have proven to generate one user, making it one of the best performance placements for advertisers and publishers alike. Generating up to 50,000 users daily, it features a download intent capability of substantial volume.

User Friendly

Here at rev·amp, our team is well aware of the fundamental importance of UX and SEO. Our intent-based solutions ensure users have a non-intrusive, pleasant, Google-friendly experience. 

High Demand From Premium Partners

You can be guaranteed premium campaigns with our solutions. Rest assured that our dedicated rev·amp team will ensure the best possible results through relationships with key clients and managing ad placements.

Download Website-specific Ad Formats

We know exactly which ad formats perform the best on download websites, and we’ve worked tirelessly to optimize and enhance these formats based on our own experiences. Our custom interstitial ad format is a top performer, and our partnerships with many of the top technological brands allow us to provide excellent direct deals to our publishers.

Why is rev·amp Right for You?

  • Plug & Play: we handle the day-to-day maintenance and operation - “You plug, and we Play (well, work, actually).”
  • Customizable Solutions: you liaise with a dedicated team member, and we will tailor it to your needs.
  • Access to Premium Campaigns: earnings accelerate while optimizations won’t slow your site down.
  • Cutting-Edge Tools That Yield: ensure maximum revenue lift with our yield and ad tech experts using cutting-edge technology.

Payment in 30 Days: cash flow is predictable and stable.

rev·amp Tech - What We Offer

  • Direct deals with premium brands.
  • Continuous, real-time optimization.
  • Smart ad refresh.
  • Hybrid header bidding.
  • Adblock recovery.
  • Native ads.
  • Outstream video ads.
  • Affiliate partnerships.

Why You Can Trust Us

As publishers ourselves we have perfected monetization solutions over the past 25 years because we understand the struggles there are when trying to monetize a site effectively. That is why it is so important to us to help you reach your revenue goals.

Our team of experts ensures they craft reliable, optimized, and innovative monetization solutions to ensure future success for publishers. We focus on making intelligent decisions at suitable times with accurate, clear, and measurable results.

But why only take our word for it? Here is what our clients have to say about us:

"rev.amp team revolutionized how we think about monetization and helped us achieve our full potential within months. Their attention to detail and level of service are unmatched, and now we’re reaping the financial rewards of their expert knowledge. Can’t wait to see what the future holds." 

- Ana Lara Simões, Product Owner of Aptoide App Store

"The monetization mechanisms brought by rev.amp are now an important part of our profit margins. As a key partner, they have understood the needs of our company and have offered their best solution. We are satisfied with how business is conducted and we’re more than eager for the future" 

- Alex Serban, COO of windowsreport

"Since working with the rev.amp team, we’ve received feedback, assistance, and access to their fantastic knowledge and best practices expertise. They’ve helped us improve our site and ad performance through new and optimized placements. We’re excited to be partnered with a trustworthy expert team who helps us drive success." - Christiana Georgiou, Director of Filehorse

The Bottom Line

Here at rev·amp, we offer better and more profitable solutions tailored to all your needs, future, and present. So let’s talk about how we can help you generate more revenue!

We currently serve publishers worldwide with the most effective and highly valued unique monetization solutions in the market today, so why wait longer? Speak to one of our experts today.

Alba is a Yield & Operation Manager at Softonic. Alba is responsible for all yield & revenue related operation matters for rev·amp. She is involved in pricing strategy, new initiatives, analysis and optimizations to push revenue sustainably.
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