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4 Tips to Optimize Your Website Revenue Before Holiday Season

he holiday season is right around the corner, and people everywhere are looking for the perfect gifts, vacations, and promotions they can take advantage of. The right ad in the right place and at the right time can ensure publishers get their share of holiday revenue. However, publishers need to ensure that their websites and ads are set up and optimally optimized to take advantage of all the upcoming opportunities. That’s why we’re going to share a few of our top tips to help you get a head start.

In this article, we’re going to cover:

  • Why publishers should take advantage of the holiday season.
  • Top tips to help you optimize your site to increase your revenue.

Let’s start by looking at all the benefits of preparing to maximize your profits over the holidays.

Why Publishers Should Take Advantage of the Holiday Season

During the holiday season, many shoppers turn to online shops to look for the best deals. Consequently, many e-commerce stores and retailers take advantage of the opportunity to increase their ad spend. According to our research here at rev•amp, ad spend during the holiday season can rise by as much as five times - that’s a whopping 400%!

Ad spend isn’t the only thing that increases during the festive season. Statistics show that the increase in demand leads to a significant eCPM boost as well, with the cost per mille going up by as much as 25%.1

The opportunities for publishers are abundant; that much is clear. However, if you want to take advantage of them and boost your revenue, you need to ensure your website - and your ads - are optimized correctly.

Our 4 Top Tips to Help You Optimize Your Website Revenue for the Holiday Season

With the tips we share below, you can optimize your website and your ads to take advantage of the many opportunities afforded by the holiday season. Let’s find out how you can boost your revenue with simple, straightforward optimizations. 

#1 Use a Revenue Share Model To Take Advantage of Direct Affiliate Partnerships

Affiliates often run deals and promotions during the holiday season - if you’re not taking advantage of direct partnerships yet, now is definitely the time to do so! Keep in mind that you might need to meet certain traffic standards while also negotiating the deal. You can also enter into a revenue share model agreement, such as cost-per-sale revenue sharing. In that instance, you will receive a portion of every sale made through your ads rather than just revenue from the ads themselves.

rev•amp can enter into lucrative direct affiliate partnerships on behalf of our publishers. However, with the revenue share model, you can significantly boost your ad income by earning a portion of the revenue from the affiliate. You can contact our rev•amp team to learn more about how our affiliate partnerships and revenue share model can exponentially increase your income.

#2 Optimize Your Ad Placements and Formats

Now is the perfect time to improve your ad layout and test new placements. With the rise in clicks, purchases, and ad spend, taking a little risk can really pay off this year. As experts, we know that the holiday season is an excellent time to take advantage of eager spenders and advertisers and invest time and money into optimizing your ad layouts.

One of our newest ad formats, in-image placements, is a great way to add subtle but effective ads to images throughout your content. It’s also an excellent time to experiment with video ads. Buyers want to see exciting and festive ads throughout the season, and video is a great way to slip a few eye-catching advertisements into your content.

#3 Use High Viewability Ad Formats

Many advertisers now prioritize viewability over impressions. It’s determined by how much of an ad is visible and how long it remains that way. The goal of the viewability metric is to determine whether your visitors actually view the advertisement long enough to take a real interest in it. Now, publishers can make their ad inventory even more valuable during the holiday season by using formats with high viewability.

Source: Think With Google

One of our most successful high viewability ad formats is sticky leaderboard ads. It’s a non-intrusive desktop ad spot that maximizes usability without ruining the user experience. It delivers far better results than duplicating the same ad throughout your page.

Other excellent formats to consider include:

By using these valuable, highly viewable placements, publishers can boost their ad revenue significantly this holiday season.

Increase Holiday Revenue Through Viewability Standards with rev•amp 

According to our standards, slots are considered “highly viewable” when 70% or more of the ad is in view for six seconds. That’s quite a bit higher than the industry standard, which stipulates that only 50% of the ad needs to be viewed for one second or that 50% of a video ad is viewed for two seconds.

Why do we raise the standards so high? To increase our publisher’s income, of course! At rev•amp, we refresh ads to show more creatives in highly viewed spots to increase CPMs and allow publishers to generate more revenue. However, when a slot becomes “highly viewable” per our standards, we stop refreshing it to avoid reducing its value. By guaranteeing impressions from highly viewable ad slots, we can increase the value of your below-the-fold inventory, making it more appealing for advertisers. Premium inventory can be a great source of income through direct deals.

Our high viewability optimization features have proven to increase CPMs by 50%!

#4 Enter Into Direct Deals For Premium Ad Inventory

Once you’ve optimized your ad placements, you’re going to have very valuable premium ad inventory available. Instead of selling these spots to the highest bidder in an open marketplace, publishers can make significantly more revenue by entering into direct deals.

Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need to negotiate these deals with clients. If you don’t have experience negotiating, it’s better to go through an experienced monetization like rev•amp. We have relationships with several top advertisers and negotiate highly rewarding direct deals on behalf of our publishers. With the right deal, you can generate significantly higher income through your premium ad inventory.


The holiday season is rife with eager buyers ready to lighten their pockets, and advertisers are prepared to take advantage of this opportunity - and publishers should be, too. Publishers can enjoy a very lucrative season by using every available avenue, from optimizing ad placements to using highly viewable slots and formats and negotiating rewarding deals. Finally, by working with a knowledgeable ad services provider like rev•amp, you can get the experts in your corner and earn even more!

Ferran is the Director of Catalog & Traffic at Softonic.
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