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Why a sticky leaderboard is a good choice for your website

Publishers are continuously looking for ways to improve their ad revenue, whether through adding additional ad spots, trying out new formats, or joining new networks. Similarly, advertisers are always looking for the best opportunities to get their brands and products in front of potential clients. Leaderboard ads have long been a top choice for publishers and brands, with their size and prominent placement. Now, this format has been enhanced with a new feature, giving rise to sticky leaderboard ads.

The sticky leaderboard opens up many new opportunities for both publishers and advertisers. It has all the benefits of traditional leaderboards but with fewer cons and significantly more advantages. In this article, we’re going to cover:

  • What leaderboard and sticky leaderboard ads are.
  • The benefits of using sticky leaderboards.
  • How publishers can future-proof their revenue with rev•amp’s sticky leaderboard format.

What Is a Leaderboard Ad?

A leaderboard ad is also sometimes referred to as a horizontal banner ad. It’s rectangularly shaped and typically measures around 728px wide by 90px tall. Unsurprisingly, the size gives advertisers access to a lot of space for their creatives, while the prominent position of the spot ensures that any visitors will see them. Publishers also benefit from the fact that these ads don’t interfere with page content and are less disruptive to user experience than many other types of ads.

The leaderboard ad is considered a high-performing format since it’s traditionally placed at the top of the page or above-the-fold (ATF). It’s one of the first ads a user might see when visiting a publisher’s website, which is why they’re often reserved for sponsored content and direct deals.

What Is a Sticky Leaderboard Ad?

Like a standard leaderboard ad, a sticky leaderboard is a horizontal banner ad that “sticks” to the top or bottom of the user’s viewport - that’s to say, as the user scrolls up or down, the banner ad will scroll with them. As you might imagine, this comes with several notable advantages. As a quick summary, some of the most significant benefits include:

  • A higher viewability rate.
  • Excellent placement for premium and direct deals.
  • Less intrusive than traditional leaderboard and banner ads.
  • High click-through rates.
  • Stellar performance on mobile devices.

If you’re interested to find out whether the sticky leaderboard ad is a good option for your website, contact us, and our talented team will explain everything you need to know.

The Benefits of a Sticky Leaderboard Ad

Sticky leaderboards come with many benefits. However, we’ve noted three of the most prominent advantages below, explaining why these types of ads are an excellent choice for your website.

High Viewability Rate

A leaderboard or banner ad prominently displayed at the top of your site might seem like premium ad space, but its high position can be a double-edged sword. When users quickly scroll down to view the content, the leaderboard ad can quickly disappear, affecting the viewability of the slot. A sticky leaderboard ad will remain visible as the user scrolls through the content, ensuring a high viewability rate and optimal bids from advertisers.

Better User Experience

With the rising emphasis on user experience, the placement and intrusiveness of advertisements are more critical than ever. Publishers who aren’t familiar with sticky leaderboard ads often think that these ads are disruptive and ruin the user experience, but that’s a common mistake. In fact, when placed correctly, such as at the bottom of the viewport, sticky leaderboard ads are less intrusive than having two or three normal leaderboard and banner ads.

Additionally, traditional leaderboard ads can have a negative impact on Core Web Vitals metrics, such as the Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) or Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) due to its prominent placement above-the-fold. Neither of these metrics is affected by using a sticky leaderboard ad that remains at the bottom of the viewport. In short, this ad format provides a better overall user experience while it doesn’t negatively impact crucial metrics that affect a publisher’s search rank.

Improved Click-Through Rate

Leaderboard banner ads are long but aren’t very high, which is one of the reasons why they’re typically considered less intrusive than large formats like billboards (which comes in at a whopping 970px wide and 250px high).

However, the sacrifice in size may make some publishers and advertisers feel like it can’t compete in terms of click-through rates (CTR). After all, a bigger ad in a prominent position is more likely to draw a user’s attention, right? Interestingly, our results show that an optimally placed sticky leaderboard ad can get the same or even better click-through rates than these larger ad formats. 

Future-Proofing Sticky Leaderboard Ads With Contextual Ads from rev•amp

There’s no denying that sticky leaderboard ads hold several benefits for publishers. However, with the upcoming depreciation of third-party cookies, you may be wondering whether your ad tech solution will be “future-proof.”

As third-party cookies get the metaphorical axe, it’s our opinion that contextual ads will become far more popular and widespread than they currently are. Contextual ads are already growing in popularity due to their efficacy, compliance with international privacy laws, non-intrusive appearance, and lack of dependency on third-party cookies. It’s also considered an excellent alternative approach to personalizing advertisements.

At rev•amp, we’re always looking for ways to improve our solutions and secure profitable and reliable revenue streams for our publishers. That’s why we’re currently working on creating contextual sticky leaderboard ads. Not only will these ads be as effective and beneficial as traditional sticky leaderboards, but they’ll also be future-proof and compliant.


Leaderboard and banner ads have been around for many years, and their use is widespread. However, publishers can benefit from an effective, non-intrusive, and highly viewable ad format with sticky leaderboard ads. With our improved contextual solution in the works, you’ll also be able to future-proof your revenue against the depreciation of third-party cookies. In short, sticky leaderboards are a must-have for publishers who want a rich and reliable source of ad revenue.

Alba is a Yield & Operation Manager at Softonic. Alba is responsible for all yield & revenue related operation matters for rev·amp. She is involved in pricing strategy, new initiatives, analysis and optimizations to push revenue sustainably.
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