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Aptoide: A Tailored Ad Solution That Maximizes on All Opportunities

Aptoide is an online marketplace for mobile applications which runs on the Android operating system
average revenue growth within the first 6 months
ad loading time. 50% faster than the market average
new publishers on our network onboarded in the last 2 years
We’re proud to say that partnering with rev•amp became a game-changer for Aptoide. Almost immediately, Aptoide started to see a rise in their revenue, with a 319% overall increase with the rev•amp solution.

Aptoide is an alternative Android app store with over 300 million global users, 7 billion downloads, and over a million applications. The company’s primary goal is to take app discovery to the next level. With no geo-restrictions and top-quality cybersecurity, Aptoide allows end-users safe, unrestricted access to applications from anywhere in the world.

The Challenge: Less Dependence, More Personalization

Before approaching rev•amp, Aptoide solely worked with AdSense. The app platform wanted to be less reliant on a single partner while using a personalized solution to deliver actual, tangible financial results. As a mobile app provider, it was also essential that any solution complies with IAB regulations.

The Goal: a Robust, Relevant Ad Solution

Beating AdSense is always a complex exercise. To provide a relevant, robust web monetization solution, the rev•amp team really needed to think outside the box. It was vital to understand the platform’s users and their behavior and Aptoide’s current monetization strategy.

To optimize ad yield, we needed to develop a custom solution based explicitly on their user funnel and website navigation patterns to maximize on its behavior – interstitial ads.

Typically, interstitial ads are only triggered between pages. Consequently, the solution needed to activate interstitial ads from the main call-to-action (download button) to take advantage of user interactions.

The Solution: a Tailored and Optimized Format

rev•amp is dedicated to providing clients with solutions that are tailored to solve their unique problems. In this case, the team needed to find a way to outperform AdSense, boost Aptoide’s revenue, and optimize their monetization.

During testing, we spotted a valuable opportunity. Aptoide used various ads to monetize their websites, and one of the formats with the most potential was interstitial ads. However, due to the limitations of AdSense and Aptoide’s architecture, they couldn’t benefit from this high-impact unit. Resultantly, valuable opportunities and revenue were being left on the table.

Having identified a key problem area, rev•amp worked on a customized solution, creating a tailored and optimized interstitial ad format. Not only would the ad trigger and win back valuable revenue, but it would do so while still complying with IAB regulations.

The Results: No More Missed Opportunities

We’re proud to say that partnering with rev•amp became a game-changer for Aptoide. Almost immediately, Aptoide started to see a rise in their revenue, with a 319% overall increase with the rev•amp solution. However, that was only the beginning.

To maximize their results, we created a direct partnership with Aptoide to help diversify their revenue streams and decrease their dependence on a single partner. Now, we’re able to help them monetize most of their ad inventory worldwide thanks to the IAB standard formats, and 100% of all the ad inventory through our custom solutions: interstitial and sticky leaderboard formats.

This combination allows us to maximize available opportunities through all of their ad formats while no longer leaving valuable income on the table.

Says Aptodie

rev•amp’s amazing team revolutionized how we think about monetization and helped us achieve our full potential,” says Ana Lara Simões, the Product owner of Aptoide App Store. “Their attention to detail and level of service is unmatched, and now we’re reaping the financial rewards of their expert knowledge. We are more than satisfied with the results of this partnership and can’t wait to see what the future holds.
Ana Lara Simões
Product owner of Aptoide App Store
Frédéric is a digital advertising performance expert and the Director of rev•amp at Softonic. As a business unit leader, Fréderic is responsible for the monetization and the success of the Softonic Publisher Network. Within rev•amp, Fréderic oversees Product, Business Development, and Account Management functions.
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