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rev•amp: The Birth of our Brand

If you’ve been following us for a while, you may have noticed we talk a lot about all things advertising; optimization, yield, ad formats, programmatic, header bidding...yada yada...but the most important topic for us is REVENUE, namely increasing revenue for our clients.

When we set out to build rev•amp, we referred to the project internally as Softonic Publishers Network (and some of us still default to this name, old habits die hard). But when we sat down with our branding team at Softonic, we knew we wanted to create a name and a brand that would reflect exactly the value we bring to our clients. 

We talked a lot about the struggles online publishers face when beginning to monetize their content, as well as the hassle that growing publishers come up against when attempting to scale their monetization efforts. We knew that, at its heart, we wanted our product to help publishers completely revolutionize the way they were looking at the monetization of their content – growing revenue for our clients while making it easy for them, so that they could focus on what they do best: creating compelling content.

The Name

First, and most importantly: rev•amp is Revenue Amplification. We want to help our publishers take monetization to new heights, amplifying their revenue generation possibilities to the absolute max. 

rev•amp is also a revamp – revamping your monetization programme and revamping the way you work, lightening your load by offering you a hassle-free, turnkey product which not only gets you more monetization from your web property, but also offers you the peace of mind that you are getting the most out of every piece of content you publish.

Finally, rev•amp is revolutionizing – unlike any other competitor, we are publishers ourselves, so we are revolutionizing the way our clients monetize their content via the 24 years of solid experience in online publishing at a global scale that our expertise brings.

So this is what’s in a name – a lot more than just something catchy, our name speaks to our essence and to what we strive to do for publishers all over the world.

The Visual Identity

But a brand isn’t just about a name; it's a whole identity, and visual identity is an important aspect of that. So our branding team set out to create a logo that would align with our brand’s “language”. 

Our branding guru, Raúl Méndez, explains: “We wanted to communicate the idea of growth, stability and reliance, so the idea of using a triangle pointing up is one of the first things that came to mind.”

“The triangle combines all the attributes that represent what we wanted to show: it is the most stable geometric figure, and it is an attribute aligned with our vast experience in getting the most out of content monetization. And a figure pointing up reflects our vision of making our clients’ revenue grow.”

But the rev•amp logo is more than just that – we also wanted to show that we are able to merge two worlds: Softonic and the new rev•amp venture, so that the result becomes more than the sum of the parts.

To that end, Raúl explains, “To stress our relationship with Softonic, our mother brand, we used the same blue and green color code, one for each part of the logo, and then went a step further, creating a third color that comes from the mix of these two. This way, the rev•amp visual identity is able to show that our product goes further and is able to offer, explore and get the most out of new, growing and profitable areas for our new clients”.

We are rev•amp

So, this is who we are, and this is what we are ready to do for you. Now that you know the “why” behind our brand, why not reach out and give us the opportunity to live up to our name? Get in touch and let’s talk about how we can help you reach your revenue amplification goals.

Frédéric is a digital advertising performance expert and the Director of rev•amp at Softonic. As a business unit leader, Fréderic is responsible for the monetization and the success of the Softonic Publisher Network. Within rev•amp, Fréderic oversees Product, Business Development, and Account Management functions.
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